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Project MASH is a digital learning network for teachers and students, and the organizations that serve them. Supported by the Pearson Foundation's New Learning Institute, Project MASH introduces you to learning experiences that involve real world problems, as well new ways to solve them. Join us and be the source of learning.



Project MASH

On Project MASH, classroom teachers can learn from and collaborate with some of the nation's most innovative learning organizations. They can also share unique, project-based learning experiences with their teaching peers and their students. Teaching resources and toolkits support their implementation of problem-based learning, design thinking, and engagement games into classroom practice.

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MASHCamps are part of a national professional development initiative for teachers interested in exploring new learning approaches. The camps will feature hands-on workshops and make use of the teacher resources and learning content found on Project MASH. Each workshop highlights Project MASH's many regional partnerships, including collaboration with the California Academy of Science, Newseum, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and others.

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Project MASH Toolkits

Project MASH Engagement Strategies and their accompanying toolkits cover diverse topics from Design Thinking to Citizen Science, Digital Media Production, and more. The Engagement Strategies provide a framework for teachers to integrate unique approaches into their classroom instruction. Each includes a detailed introduction, steps or tips for how to use the approach with students in the classroom, content connections and alignment to relevant standards, and case studies that reflect the approach in practice.

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Project MASH is supported by:

New Learning InstituteNew Learning Institute

The New Learning Institute is a grassroots professional development initiative that gives classroom teachers the chance to learn together in dynamic, hands-on trainings; and to explore proven, engaging resources and approaches developed by exemplary out-of-school institutions.

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Person Foundation

Since 2002, the Pearson Foundation has helped people teach and learn in new ways. This year, the Foundation is expanding its programs to create a network dedicated to improving teaching and learning, one that makes the most of community resources, out-of-school opportunities, classroom ingenuity and student voice.

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In collaboration with:

Idea Co. National Portrait Gallery My Voice Kids for Global Peace Harry Potter Alliance

COMMONstudio Girl Rising Engagement Lab DIY California Academy of Sciences

BAVC New Teacher Center Artlab-Hirshhorn Newseum

DIA Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund The Network Michigan